white marble displayed,

pure gold and precious stone,

speak of love long enduring,

and a royal beauty.

a King loved her so

her memory lives on

no palace have I

nor fame of royalty

but still the King beckons me

I am enthralled by your beauty

your heart is like that of gold

I’ll give you the longest love lasting

my tribute to you is rich,

my princess, I am enthralled with you

So now I must honor my King,

his favor I must seek,

the rest of my days

the King loves me so,

his memory lives on

All glorious is the princess within her chambers,

her gown interwoven with gold and embroidered garments,

she is led to the King,

led to the King


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One response to “enthralled

  1. L

    You don’t like it? Really? Come on Julie. I think it’s great!! Haha! Hey when do you get done with school? Are you coming back for the summer? Love youuuuuuuuuuuu.


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