What I’m Listening To

Here’s a look at my favorite musical selections.

Brooke Fraser‘s Albertine. Absolutely my new favorite CD. I heard of Brooke through my friend Laura who I traveled to India with. Laura’s sister lives in Australia and actually knows Brooke (who is from New Zealand). Laura actually wrote the lyrics for the song “Deciphering Me”. Brooke’s style and lyrics are wonderful and her sound is fresh and fun.

I’ve always been a huge Caedmons Call fan. They are a large part of the reason I went to India. Their latest CD, Overdressed did not disapoint. It’s full of songs with so much meaning and musical talent. My favorites are “Two Weeks in Africa” and “Expectation”. I got to see them in concert with Derek Webb at the beginning of April and it was incredible!

I’ve also been a long time Bethany Dillon fan. Bethany is my mood music. Whenever I don’t know what to listen to she’s the CD I play. After meeting her in September I continued to become an even greater fan. She is such an incredible artist. This CD, So Far: The Acoustic Sessions is well just as incredible as the rest. I don’t own the whole CD yet but I am in love with “Work It Out” and have played it about 5 times every day. I would say this is some of the best of Bethany as it showcases her amazing voice and guitar talent.

The Beatles. Doesn’t matter what album or what song. I’m in love. I listen to them on my ipod more and more these days. You just can’t go wrong with The Beatles. They play some of my most requested songs when Dad plays his guitar at home.

Speaking of Bethany, did you know she is now married to Shane Bernard? Yep it’s true. I saw the rock in September with my own two eyes. But back to Shane & Shane, what a great CD! I saw them in concert twice in one week and knew I had to get this CD. Full of gospel truth and open about everyday struggles it’s excellent!

What is it about Switchfoot that just keeps bringing me back? Switchfoot is my must sing loud music. There have been quite a couple times that I blast Switchfoot while driving. “Dare You to Move” and “24” are my favorites.

Sara Groves. Incredible. I got this new CD, Tell Me What You Know, for Christmas. It’s fantastic. Especially “It Might Be Hope” and “I Saw What I Saw”. Sara really is SO honest in her lyrics and sharing and it is so encouraging to me.

Now it’s YOUR turn. What are you listening to these days? What CD can you not live without? Have any recommendations for me?



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3 responses to “What I’m Listening To

  1. Good call on The Beatles there Julie. You can never go wrong with the Fab 4.

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