Yeah I’m going to be a teacher

This morning a friend and I went to a Scholastic Warehouse Sale. I heard about the sale through a friend at school and got excited and ready to go. It was amazing! They open up the warehouse and there are books everywhere! Almost all of them are at least 30% off and most were 50% off. I made myself stick to paperbacks since they are cheaper and I wanted to get a good quantity of books for my money. I ended up getting 28 books for a super price. Being the super cheap person that I am I went home and calculated how much I would have paid for the books at regular price. I saved $115 dollars! Wow! I am so excited to use the books!



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3 responses to “Yeah I’m going to be a teacher

  1. Fun! Alice the Fairy… that must be by the same author who wrote those David books? No, David! I think is the name of one of them?

  2. julesmagules

    yep David Shannon wrote the David Books (No David, David Goes to School). I love his books – they are so hilarious! Way to know your children’s literature there Anna!

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