thank a teacher day!

So I am really late with this but last week was Teacher Appreciation Week. I actually didn’t even know it – ooops. When I got home there were flowers on my dresser with a note that said “Happy Teacher Appreciation Week to our Future Teacher”. I was very pleasantly surprised. My mom knew about it, of course (moms just seem to know everything) so she had my brother go get the flowers and write a note (she was out of town). He did a great job of picking out a bouquet of some beautiful flowers:

So the point of me telling you all of this? Teachers are special people. I have had some wonderful teachers in my lifetime, heck they are most of the reason why I chose to be a teacher myself. A year ago one of my elementary methods professors encouraged us all to write a note to a former teacher of ours telling them how much we appreciated them. It wasn’t for a grade or being counted against us, it was just a suggestion. I thought about it for a bit and then wrote a note to my fifth grade teacher. She was wonderful. She wore a dance leotard to school every day, with a hot pink or purple skirt. We got to take our shoes off in the classroom. There were pillows everywhere that we were encouraged to use while reading. We acted out the Revolutionary War as a chess match. We read great books, we used food to do math. It was one of my favorite years of school.

I wrote this teacher a note, hoping that she would get it and that it wouldn’t be the most akward thing ever. I heard back from her a month or so later and she said that she was so excited to get my letter. She said that that particular year was really stressful for her and she felt that she didn’t make much of an impact. She said my letter was a great encouragement.

I’m not writing this to brag. I just wanted to share how much of an impact a little bit of encouragement can have. Now it’s your turn. Leave a comment if you want about your favorite teacher. Or better yet go write a card to them and put in the mail!


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