go ahead and bubble wrap me

Well, bubble wrap may my best idea yet. Or one of those really large Sumo Wrestling outfits. Yeah, now I”m thinking. Sorry for the lack of posts here lately, I’ve been dealing with some issues. Basically Mono is out to get me again and my poor little spleen is not so little anymore and causing me some pain. I went to the doctor yesterday and left with a warning to go directly to the ER if I didn’t feel better. Thankfully I did not have to go there. Then today after some tests they say it’s not so bad, take some Tylenol and deal with it. Yeah that made me feel better.

Ok so, I’ll quit with the whining now. You should have been on the phone when I called my best friend today to vent. That’s the great thing about really awesome friends – they listen and let you vent. 🙂 I am thankful to have some great friends who stick with me even when I am a pain in the neck.

Well I really REALLY need to clean this room. More posting later, hopefully!


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