Babysitting to the Glory of God, Part 2

A couple days ago, I wrote about babysitting in Babysitting to the Glory of God, Part 1. I discussed some practical things that I am trying to put into place to really honor God through my job.

As I pondered more on this subject I shifted more to the subject of showing and sharing Christ with my charge and her family. The family I am working with now are not believers. I really want to show them the Gospel but I do not want to overstep the line or come off preachy and righteous.

After thinking on this topic for a couple of days and a whole bunch of prayer I realized there are some more practical tips that come very much in hand:

1) Prayer – I know I already wrote about this but it’s so important I had to do it again! Prayer is the building stone that changes my attitude to help me have a more kingdom focused mindset. It also serves as a reminder to me that I do nothing out of my own strength but that it is God who gives me every gift (James 1:17) and desire to share His love.

2) Singing Spiritual Songs – The Psalter is full of verses that encourage us to shout praises of joy to the Lord and sing to Him as well. (Ephesians 5:19-20). So why not use this to show Jesus to the kiddo? I started this the other day in the car by teaching her some children’s songs about Jesus that are really fun and easy to remember. It was a great way to pass the time and hopefully a small seed was planted.

3) Let Children do the Talking – Kids who love Jesus have the sweetest aroma around them and are often very bold in sharing their faith. Having a play date with some Christian kids may be just the way to open the topic of faith and the gospel with a child. They get to hear the perspective of someone their age and see that the Gospel is for all ages. My best friend pointed this out to me as we discussed a little girl from church that we know that loves to share the Gospel with just about anyone she meets.

4) Give Your All – My High School Senior Sunday School Teacher always told us that when he was on the clock at his job he wanted to give his all so that his non-believing boss would maybe notice a difference in him. This has stuck with me since then and it makes more sense now than ever. By striving to be the best babysitter and taking care of the kiddo with a smile on my face I can hopefully show this family that they are of value to me and to Christ.

5) Invite Thought – See a pretty sunset while playing outside with the kiddos? Watch some neat bugs or birds at the park? See a fire truck or an ambulance rushing to an emergency? Observe someone doing something nice for a stranger? All of these incidences are great opportunities to get kids thinking about life and Who is behind it all. Talking about these simple things may get kids running to their parents or you for answers.

Again, I want to put emphasis on the fact that it is not my job or duty to “save” or “convert” the kiddo and family I am working with. Instead I hope that I can be a light and show Jesus to them in my actions in hopes that they may see Christ for who He is. J


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  1. I haven’t read Part 1 yet, but what a great series! I have been babysitting for 9 years, but I sure don’t have it all figured out yet. I am thinking about possibly being a nanny next year, and these are great things to keep in mind!

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