My best friend gave me a bunch of things for my birthday to remind me about India. One item was a makeup case that has the great commission verse embroidered onto it. Inside I found 21 pennies and a photo of a precious Indian child named Dilip (pictured above). On the back my friend wrote “Never forget those smiling faces! Any time you feel sad because you are here remember God has placed you where you are for a reason.”

I had to hold back the tears. It was just what I needed to hear. I started this blog and titled it “Bloom Where You’re Planted” because I am in a period of life where I am struggling to be present and content where God has placed me currently. It’s especially hard right now as I remember that this time last year I was just arriving in India and beginning the greatest adventure and journey of my life.

Enter my life now. I often forget about some of the passions and places God has called me to right here. For instance a huge part of my heart for ministry is working with middle school girls. Middle school was one of the most awkward times in my life but thank the Lord I had some great female leaders at church that really poured into me and hung out with a very uncool me. They really left a lasting impression on me to seek the Lord with all that I have. So now I work with middle schools at church when I am at home. Until today at church I had been taking this for granted lately. I hadn’t been around the girls themselves for a while and then today a friend and I ended up teaching a sunday school class full of girls at the last minute. We had so much fun. They were so great. As I drove home I really just praised the Lord for smacking me in the face and reminding me that He has called me to exactly where I am right now!

So, yes I will never forget India. Especially not now when just about every day some little thing reminds me of last summer. But instead of moping around and getting all jealous I am turning my affections towards the Lord and what He has for me here and now. 🙂

Although I still can’t see pictures of my India kids from current teams without shedding a tear or two as I see how big they have gotten.


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