amazed by grace

I got to spend friday and saturday camping at a lake about an hour from home for a training retreat in preparation for youth camp. Camp is in 2 weeks and we had a lot to do and discuss but we also had a good amount of free time to just relax and spend time with our Saviour. It was a VERY refreshing time for me to get away from all of the busyness that has become the month of June to me. On Friday night we were challenged to really examine ourselves and make sure we were trusting in the sufficiency of the Gospel for everything in our lives. Steve, our student ministries pastor, encouraged us to remember that everything in life that we have been given is a result of grace. He challenged us to each day be looking and thanking God for these evidences of grace in our own lives. We ended our time Friday night in prayer on our knees or flat on the ground, positions that are often forgotten in my prayer life.

On Saturday afternoon I had a nice block of free time as I could not go tubing or wakeboarding due to the spleen. I spent part of it talking with friends and relaxing in my hammock. Then I walked towards the water to a shallow muddy bank that was hidden by some trees. I spent about an hour or so just praying and spending time with my Saviour.

Part of the time I was listening to a sermon on my ipod and I laughed halfway through because I realized I was doing the same thing I often did last year in India – walking and listening to a sermon. In both locations bugs and water and other stuff kept me from sitting on the ground so I had to walk. Some of my best memories of God moving in my heart in memory involve walking on the roof of the house we stayed at close to the mountains and listening to a sermon or just praying as I walked.

Yesterday I really just felt refreshed by God. I was convicted greatly but I also felt the Lord encouraging me and loving on me immensely. As God opened my eyes to certain truths I became overwhelmed by grace and began to see things around me in a clearer way. I was overjoyed. Now I am simply amazed by grace. The busyness isn’t gone and I still am wondering how everything will get done this week but at the same time my heart has a lightness that hasn’t been there in a while. Praise the Lord!!!

Note: The picture was taken at the science museum. The kiddo and I went one day this past week and they have a great butterfly room there. I included it in this post because as I look at the details of the butterfly I can’t help but think how amazing my Creator is!


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  1. Diane

    Thank You Again!

    Your Awesome!

    I love the way you describe your personal union with God.

    Blessed to have your aquantence!

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