Happy Fourth of July!

Exactly one year ago I woke to find the downstairs of our house in India decorated with paper streamers and balloons in shades of red, white, and blue. After our usual day of ministry and Indian things we all went to a nice green park and ate Subway which one of our leaders so wonderfully went and got for us all. It was a nice American treat! We also had jello that was in the shape of stars. What could be better? All of the Indian people around us kept coming up asking us what we were celebrating and we told them that it was America’s Independence day. Until we told them this most of them had no idea what was going on.

It’s interesting but that story really relates to the freedom we have in Christ. We have such marvelous freedom in Christ because of his death and resurrection (go read Romans 5-8 if you are unsure about this). Yet so many people in the world don’t know why we live the way we do or if we are celebrating anything at all because we are timid and don’t show and share this freedom with them. Just a little something to ponder on this Independence day. Enjoy the fireworks and festivities but before you go to bed tonight praise the Father above for the best freedom ever.

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