beware the mango!

A couple of days ago my lips started to itch. Like I wanted to just itch them off of my face. They were dry no matter how much burts bees I applied – and for those of you who don’t know anything about burts bees it is amazing and you just have to apply once and you’re good for hours. My best friend and I were out on Tuesday night and I was whining about it and she told me maybe it was cold sores. So we stopped at Walmart and I got some Carmex. I had been liberally applying that for the past couple days and still no relief. This morning I had had enough of it. So I googled. Now I usually do not allow myself to google “symptoms” that I am having because I tend to be a bit of a hypochondriac and before you know it I am diagnosing myself with some far out disease. This time google was my friend. Turns out that mangos, that sweet yummy fruit, in tree form are related to poison ivy and that mango skin can be really irritating. I found tons of stories of people eating mangoes and then their lips getting itchy and swelling. Well guess what? I ate two mangoes this past week. On Saturday I had one at my friends campsite without washing the thing and then I ate another one on Sunday. Both times I just cut little squares and then sucked them off the skin. Major skin contact.

Unfortunately mangoes are one of my favorite fruits. I ate them all the time in India because they were fresh and super delicious. Oh they were so good. Maybe I won’t give them up all the way, I’ll just um let someone else peel and cut the thing up and then I’ll devour.

Beware of the mango (well really the mango skin) my friend, beware!

Also, my googling led me to this funny post about the same condition, which the author labels merpes. So yes, I have merpes.


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  1. shae crazy..thats how i am with apples! i love love love apples! but cant eat them bc my lips get itchy and they swell in spots…
    its crazy what all is on the food we eat

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