I like to think that I can be a spontaneous person. Random adventures make me smile and thrill me. Tonight my friend Sybil and I were bored. We had just seen a movie and were driving around bored. I suggested that we go to the airport to this little observation park where you can watch the airplanes take off and land. Off we went. The sun was just setting and there were LOTS of planes on the strip. A gentle breeze was blowing as well. It was great.

I looked out at the sun and thought, man I would love to be on one of those planes. I would just love to be going somewhere, anywhere. As we left and drove away I thought about this some more and told Sybil that someday I just want to go to airport with one bag and a couple hundred bucks and just go somewhere random. I even said it would be neat to simply fly somewhere, eat dinner or do something there, and then fly back. She laughed at me and said that it costs too much money and that I am rediculous. I agree to both of those, but still, there’s that part of me that just wants to go anyways.

Life is way too short to bypass adventures. Every sunset is meant to be cherished and every day a chance to live for Christ. I just hope that I always have some spunk and spontaneity left in me, that I don’t ever become bored or stagnant in life.

Who knows, maybe I’ll do that airplane adventure someday. Anyone want to join?


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  1. I’ve thought about doing the same thing before – just getting on a plane, take a trip to NYC for dinner then be back 🙂

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