survey fun

I usually don’t post these surveys or other things that remind me of middle school but hey I’m bored and my dear friend lauren did tag me so I guess I will succumb to the peer pressure.

Where is your cell phone?  charging


Your significant other?  Jesus
Your hair?  wet
Your mother?  sleeping
Your father?  ditto
Your favorite thing?  people
Your dream last night?  forgotten
Your favorite drink?  tea
Your dream/goal?  adventure
The room you’re in?  bedroom
Your hobby?  blogging
Your fear?  spiders
Where do you want to be in 6 years?  travel
What you’re not?  patient
Muffins?  blueberry
One of your wish list items?  macbook
Where you grew up?  germany
Last thing you did?  showered
Favorite gadget?  ipod
Your pets?  sammy
Your computer?  heavy
Your mood?  excited
Missing someone?  kira
Your car?  loved
Favorite store?  books
Like someone?  ha
Your favorite color?  pink
Last time you laughed?  now
Last time you cried?  forgotten
And just because I can I tag Rebecca, Natalie, Lauren, and Anna.
Now, I am off to have a Skype date with Kira! I am so excited to catch up with her!

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