1. I leave for school tomorrow.

2. I am going to work/hang out with four year olds for the next two weeks before school starts.

3. I can’t wait.

4. I am ready for the cool mountain breeze, hammocking on the parkway, hikes, and live bluegrass.

5. ditto on the ready to see friends

6. wearing glasses for reading currently. I think that they make me look smart.

7. I hate change. It makes me nervous and I get this weird feeling.

8. Actually after a discussion with a dear friend last night it was decided that what I really hate is transitions. Change is good and I crave it frequently in small doses I just suck (sorry for lack of a better word) at transitioning from one thing to another.

9. stars are beautiful and a great way to remember that God is still the same no matter where I am.

10. I detest packing.


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