scratch that

remember how I said the other day that I was going back to school and that I was all excited and could not wait? yeah well scratch that off the record. I”m still at home. No, I don’t want to be here. In fact I am quite angry that I am here. But it’s not been my choice that I am here.

I’m sick. yes again. abdominal pain. that’s all I am going to say. severe abdominal pain that cannot be explained after multiple tests. one doctor, one surgeon, lots of tests and no definitive diagnosis. 

of course it’s the worst timing ever as I want to be at school having fun with my friends and getting ready for a week of hanging out with four year olds. not to mention the fact that I was ready to leave and needed a change of pace from here anyways.

oh dear.

I’ll have to be here at least till Monday because I have to have a follow-up appointment. I hate this. Ugggghhhhh.


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