Happy Birthday Rooms!

Today is my roommate’s 21st birthday. Rebecca and I have been living together since last fall and it’s been amazing. We were friends before we were roommates but living together always helps you get to know someone so much more. We have all sorts of special things we do together including:

– Watching the Office and Friends really late at night when we should be sleeping.

– When we are bored we walk into each other’s rooms and sit on the other person’s beds. This usually means we want to talk or just hang out. I think it’s fun.

– On Snow days if school is delayed or canceled we bundle up and walk over to Panera to have some breakfast. I love this one so much! 

– Rooms can cook a pretty good meal and started cooking a lot last semester. I would get home from my internship all tired and exhausted and there she would be in her apron cooking up something delicious. She’s become quite the domestic girl. 🙂

Rebecca is such a wonderful, godly girl who is full of life and love. I am so blessed to have her as a roommate and I can’t wait for her to come back so we can celebrate and enjoy our last semester together!

Also, this awesome girl has her very own blog called May you find what you’re seeking wherever you roam. You should definitely check it out!


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