late night laments

It’s way too late for me to be writing or to even be awake but for some reason unbeknownst (what a fun word) to me insomnia has come to visit and instead of tossing and turning in the bed I decided to do something and that something for now is write. I probably should put a disclaimer on this post that I may say stupid, silly, careless or just odd things but oh well you’d probably figure that out anyways.

1. I am going to straighten my hair right now. Yes I usually let it go curly these days, especially in the summer but for some reason I wanted to have straight hair tomorrow. After I took I shower tonight I washed my hair and dried it but did not straighten it. I planned on doing that in the morning. But since I am awake now I figured I might as well do something useful. 

2.  I normally straighten in the mornings except for when I am home I might do it on a Saturday night so that I can get ready really quick on Sunday mornings. I love Sunday mornings because it’s church but my body still doesn’t seem to get that when the alarm goes off so instead of doing the mad dash around the house and looking awful I get ready on Saturday night and allow like 20 minutes for the morning.

3. I am terrified of penguins. Had a bad dream about them attacking me. Scarred me for life. 

4. Currently I am working with the world’s most awesome four year olds. I mean it. While they do try my every last nerve somedays I have to admit that they are super cute and lovable and that I love them. I have been with this group of kids for 2 years now so it’s fun to see them “all grown up” and to actually hold semi decent conversations with them.

5. My wonderful dog Sammy (short for Samantha) had surgery today. She had a dislocated hip. I was very unhappy about this – I bawled my eyes out. When I said something about it at work today one of the kids goes “are they going to take her leg off?”. I told him no that they were going to fix it and the conversation moved on. Kids say the funniest things. I really hope my Sammer is ok though and that she recovers quickly. The hardest part is that I am not at home to be with her.

6. This semester is a last for me. My last semester here at school before I go home to student teach. I am sad. I really am. I have some great incredible friends here not to mention the fact that it’s absolutely breathtaking living in the mountains. My goal for this semester is to work hard and prepare myself as much as possible for student teaching but also to have as much fun as possible. Not in the wild partying sense but in the take each moment and make sunshine sense.

7. I have been living the life of a lactose intolerant person for the past week or so. No I’m not actually lactose intolerant but let’s just say that my stomach isn’t doing so well with dairy. But seriously, have you ever thought of how much dairy you eat, even in small amounts? It’s so hard to not eat any because A LOT of foods or recipes contain dairy. I feel sorry for my lactose intolerant/dairy allergy (amy and ashley) friends and I now have a higher level of appreciation for the way they eat. And soymilk? I used to love the stuff. Now I hate it – blech!

8. I have 5 new purses. Yes five. No I did not buy them. My dear friend Katie was purging through a bunch of her stuff and decided to get rid of a bunch of purses as she has like millions of them (ok not really but the girl loves purses and she knows how to pick them) she told me and a couple of friends to take the ones we wanted. I was thrilled. I picked 5 adorable bags that I now love. The only sad part is that I can’t wear them all at one time. 😦

the sleepiness may be kicking in. we shall see……


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