what makes a great “off day”?

Tomorrow is my “off day”. I have spent the last 4 days working all day at the Child Development Center with the four year olds. It has been SO much fun. Really it has. But I am glad for a break. 

In India we had one day a week that was our designated “off day”. Instead of going to our ministry sites we got to choose as a team what we wanted to do for the day. At first this felt kind of weird to me because compared to school doing ministry was great. I got to play with adorable kids, love on the lepers or run various errands and such. But by the end of the trip “off days” were a coveted thing as I realized that a good off day meant I would be more focused for ministry. 

My favorite off days included a mix of relaxation and adventure. I loved sleeping in as we usually had to be up pretty early for prayer and quiet times (sad that even those two activities still dont make mornings great for me). Then my favorite times included getting out and seeing the city or having some crazy adventure. Going to the mall there was a blast. I think it was the best day actually. I got to “shop” and look at all of these really nice clothes and things, spend time with my teammates just being goofy, eat some good American food, enjoy air conditioning and just relax. This was also the day that I discovered the English bookstore there and got two Nicholas Sparks books that I spent the rest of the day reading at a coffee shop in the mall. It was pure bliss.

All week long I have been looking forward to tomorrow. Saturday and Sunday are going to be pretty busy for me so tomorrow is kind of my last hurrah before school starts. 

But what am I going to do with myself for my off day? I am having some major indecisiveness issues. First of all tomorrow is Freshman Move In Day. That means that campus is going to be completely crazy and I have no desire to be anywhere near it. That also gets rid of Walmart and just about every eating establishment in town. 

So I thought maybe I would skip town and drive to another little small town here that is about 15 minutes away that has a beautiful park and greenway trail and a cute little old general store where you can buy sodas in a bottle. But it might rain. Who knows, I may still go and see if I can get some quality hammock reading and napping time in. 

My second idea is to just lay around my apartment and read and take a bath and watch a movie. This sounds appealing now but I have this problem. I have to go places. I seriously do. I love to just do nothing but after an hour or two I’m done. I need social interaction or at least some good people watching for a bit. And since my room is messy I would actually have to clean it before I could have good laying around time.

Another idea is to take a walk. I have a new favorite thing – walking on the greenway. I had no idea how awesome our greenway trail was until a friend and I randomly went there last week. I have been back every night this week except for tonight. It’s great. The trail is really well done and the views are spectacular. It’s become my special time to think, pray, ponder and just enjoy God’s creation. And yesterday I went with a friend from work who showed me how I can actually take a “connector trail” from my apartment to get to the greenway. So no driving involved at all! 

I do know what the first part of my day will look like: SLEEPING IN. (of course since I am saying that now knowing my luck I”ll wake up at like 8am and not be able to go back to sleep). 

As for the rest of the day I am not so sure. I’ll figure it out as I go I guess. Who knows, maybe I’ll have a day of random adventures. 🙂


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