Julie’s Top Book Recommendations: Fiction

As I pondered blog topics yesterday I realized that I have written very little about something I do a whole lot of: reading. I am a reading diva. My life is not complete if I’m not reading at least one good book at a time. Actually right now I am reading about 4 books at the same time. My mom always asks me for recommendations of books and so do my friends. I love to do this. I love to get people into a good book and see them get all excited. So dear blog reader, I am going to do something very philanthropic and nice and spread my book knowledge onto you. Since there are just so many books out there in the world I thought I would do it by category. Today I will start (just a small start) with fiction.

Fiction is wonderful. It’s an escape to another land, to a world that is different from your own. It opens up your creativity and gives you ideas for your own life. The characters of fiction pieces are usually what seals the deal. A good fiction book has great characters that make you feel, by the end of the book, that you are best friends and that you know each other on more than a first name basis. So here I will start with my top recommendations of fiction with my favorite Series.

Top Series:

1. Redemption, Firstborn, and Sunrise Series by Karen Kingsbury – These are by far my favorite books ever. Karen Kingsbury is incredible. She has the best character development ever and since there are a total of almost 15 books in this series you really get into the lives of the Baxter Family. Karen writes what she calls “Life Changing Fiction” in that her books are more than just good reads, they ultimately point to Jesus. I can attest for this as more than once when reading her books I have seen afresh the love and glory of Jesus Christ. If you are new to Christian Fiction or say you only have time to try one new series this is it.

2. One Tuesday Morning & Beyond Tuesday Morning by Karen Kingsbury – This duo of books is called the September 11 Series. They are beautiful and really write an awesome story of redemption. Karen deals wonderfully with such a hard issue of tragedy and paints a portrait of hope amidst despair.

3. The O’Malley Series by Dee Henderson – I read these books in high school and have recently decided it’s time to reread them. They are so wonderful. Each book is about a hero of sorts – firefighter, paramedic, US Marshal, CSI Investigator, etc. They are suspenseful and thrilling and very hard to put down. 

4. A Place Called Home Series by Lori Wick – Lori Wick writes wonderful historical fiction. These books are set out west in the frontier days and include plenty of cowboys, bad saloons and women with more personality than they know what to do with. If you like history and historical fiction these are a great bet.

5. Ashley Stockingdale Series by Kristin Billerbeck – Oh Christian Chick Lit. This up and coming genre is my new favorite. Think of it as a chick flick in a book but clean and with good morals and faith. What a perfect blend! Ashley Stockingdale is a mid-thirties woman who lives in the Silicon Valley of California where she is surrounded by tons of eligible bachelors – that is if you like the nerdy engineer type. She loves to shop for a good purse and shoes but seems to have issues with sticking with a good man. What follows in these books is a delightful time of laughter and fun!

6. Spa Girls Series by Kristin Billerbeck – Have you ever just wanted to jet off in a nice car to a spa with your girlfriends for the weekend? Well then welcome to the Spa Girls Series. In these books 3 friends with very random and mismatched personalities travel through the ups and downs of life together with frequent spa trips to keep them sane. The last one Calm, Cool & Adjusted is one of my favorites and really made me think about some good issues as well. 

7. Glenbrooke Series by Robin Jones Gunn – The town of Glenbrooke, Oregon is a place I would like to live. This series follows characters in the small town through all sorts of things. Full of romance, friendship and a definite emphasis on faith these books are sure to please. I read these a long time ago but I love that they were some of my first non juvenile reads.

8. Savannah Series by Denise HIldreth – Savannah is a recent college masters graduate who lives, where else but Savannah, Georgia. Although not so happy that her mother named her after her favorite town Savannah does love the town of Savannah and all it has to offer. Upon moving back to Savannah after graduation she looks for a job and a fresh start. Along the way she encounters job troubles, new friends, a mother who is very overbearing and some life lessons that will stick with her for a lifetime.


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4 responses to “Julie’s Top Book Recommendations: Fiction

  1. Lauren

    Have you read the book “The Shack”? I am not much of a reader but everyone I work with has read it and love it! It’s a short book so it should only take a day or two to finish it. Just thought I’d recommend it! Hope you’re doing great!

    Love you.

  2. julesmagules

    Yes, I am actually reading The Shack right now. I’m not quite sure how I feel about it yet but I have set the goal of finishing it before I make my final judgement. Thanks girl!

  3. Okay, you didn’t even mention my all-time favorite series by one of my favorite authors, which further cements my theory — those who love Karen Kingsbury have rarely read Francine Rivers and vice versa. 🙂 They’re very different authors, but both fantastic. (I’m totally with you on #1!)

    If you like historical fiction (which you obviously do — see your #3), then you have to check out the “Mark of the Lion” series by Francine Rivers. It’s a trilogy and it’s amazing. I’ve read the first two books at least four times! The series follows a Jewish Christian slave, an Ephesian aristocrat and a German gladiator in first century Rome. I HIGHLY recommend it. 🙂

  4. julesmagules

    Oh yes Francine Rivers. I have actually read some of her books just not the major series yet. When I say yet that means they are on my list of 20 bazillion books to read. 🙂
    I was planning on featuring France Rivers with Redeeming Love in a Best Christian Fiction Stand Alone Titles.
    Don’t worry I love her too! And thanks for the tip, I will have to check that series out soon!

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