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I’m a busybee these days. Class started two weeks ago and I don’t have many spare moments these days. I am in my last semester of classes and in the middle of methods classes. This is what I have been waiting for -where they actually teach me how to be a teacher! It is A LOT of work but I do have to say that I love it. My workload is pretty high but most of my assignments are useful and will hopefully be used in my own classroom someday!

My mac is now my best friend, especially when it comes to school. It is such a big help. First off I downloaded this awesome program from Apple Downloads called Assignment Planner. It keeps track of all my homework and projects for me and lets me know when things are due.

I also export this into my ical so I can tell when things are due in relation to other happenings in my life. For example you can see that I have lots of work due this week and there was a football game on Saturday so I had to properly manage my time so that I could enjoy the game without feeling guilty. 

The mac is also great because I take it to class with me every day. I don’t use it to take notes for everything but it is highly useful. I usually have it sitting out in every class with the lid closed on sleep mode. That way if I need to add something to Assignment Planner or quickly type something up I just have to open the lid, enter my password and I’m good to go. It is nice to be able to check my e-mail during breaks or get started on projects when I have a spare 20 minutes. It really saves me time!

In other news, I had a relaxing Labor Day weekend. I basically hung around, spent loads of time with friends and went hiking at Hebron Rock Colony where there are rocks, a river/stream and basically much fun to be had. I made a little imovie about it because I was bored and because I can since I have a mac.

Note: Movie still to come because it takes a while to upload on Vimeo. 😦

And now onto my latest obsession: cleaning. Please don’t keel over because of shock. Yes, I am actually enjoying cleaning these days. I realized it this weekend. I came home from class on Friday at about 3pm. Rooms and I watched a movie and I fell asleep on the couch. After waking up and making a nutritious dinner of m&m pancakes I decided that things needed to get clean. I did all of the dishes, scrubbed the kitchen down, lysol wiped just about anything that I could, swept the kitchen and then vaccuumed and organized the living room. After I was done I felt so good. It was clean. I then realized that I the exact same scenario happened the week before. A year ago I would leave my dishes in the sink all the time and take forever to load them into the dishwasher but now I feel guilty if I leave even a single piece of silverware in the sink. 

My mother will be proud of me. 🙂

Blonde Moment of the Week: Well actually there are about two worth mentioning. For the first one I was about to head out the door to walk over to Dollar General at the Mall to buy some chocolate chips for pancakes. My computer was sitting on the couch and I saw that I had an IM. So in an effort to save time I slid over the back of the couch to quickly look at it. Wrong move. Instead of just leaning over I completely fell over the couch and onto the floor. Rooms was sitting on the other couch and was on the phone. She got quite a giggle out of watching me.

The other blonde moment is a bit more exciting. Rooms and I had just stuffed ourselves with pancakes and food and had no plans for the evening so I suggested that we go to the local Greenway and take a walk. We went and had a great time. The weather was a bit cool and the sun was setting, it was very relaxing. That was until we got back to the car. I had my key on a hair tie around my wrist. As I looked at my wrist I realized that the key I had was not the car key but the apartment key. The car key was, you guessed it, locked inside the car. Since I have no clue where my spare key is (I know, I know) I called AAA and had to wait an hour for a very nice man to come and unlock my car. Which speaking of, it seems pretty easy to break into a car these days. Makes me wonder why car thieves haven’t run off with my lovable vehicle. Oh yeah, I guess that could be attributed to the fact that my car only has two hubcaps. 🙂

After the whole incident I called my parents just so they wouldn’t go crazy if AAA sent a report or something to the house. When my dad answered I started the conversation with “I am definitely my mother’s daughter”. He laughed and after hearing the story completely agreed. 

Well as much as I have enjoyed this little blog break I need to go do some more homework and eat dinner. I’m making chicken with cream of mushroom soup and broccoli and hoping that I don’t mess it up too much!


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