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For one of my classes I had to create an artifact/product that describes who I am. It could be a powerpoint, poster, poem with pictures, anything we wanted. As usual I wanted to do something uber creative and unique that no one else would think of. Now many of my family and friends think that creativity just flows out of me but as my science teacher said the other day, there are no original ideas. So I went to one of my dear friends here Megan, who is an art education major. Megan is so creative and artistic and is very talented. Freshmen and sophomore years when she would have to spend hours in the art building doing work I would come and either do homework or coloring pages (haha) so that we could talk.

I had thought of possibly doing a puzzle. Megan suggested that I make it out of wood and paint on it or decopague. I loved it! I made a puzzle that I actually completely painted on and Megan cut it out for me in the art building. The art is not very good but this is supposed to be a project we would model with our own students for them to do so I figured it would encourage them that anyone can do art!

* Around the edges I put adjectives to describe myself. I had my lovely roommate help me brainstorm some good ones. 

* The books represent reading. I love to read!

* The red circle with a slash and plants is for my huge dislike of the spice rosemary. For some reason I just hate the taste of rosemary. It’s so yucky! 

* I love Duke Basketball and I think I did a great job of copying the logo. I can’t wait for the season to start. 

* I also love Scrabble! For some reason my family always plays this game. Last year I beat my brother, future-sister-in-law and my mom two games in a row. This says a lot since my brother is in law school and was determined to beat me. A little healthy competition between siblings. 🙂

* I love white daisies! They are so simple yet beautiful. 

* Appalachian Football in the Fall is my absolute favorite. Last Saturday was our first home game. It was so much fun.

* I have dark brown eyes and curly blonde/brown hair.

* I love a good cup of tea!

* I do not like penguins. ugggh they are so irritating. They have sharp pecking beaks and are small and can’t walk straight and my friend who worked at SeaWorld said they are extremely smelly. 

* India. Love it. Lived there for 2 months. Would love to live there again. Pretty much a huge passion in my life. 

That was my lovely project. I’ll share it with my 5th graders this week. Hopefully they won’t think it’s too lame.


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