I forgot that I wrote a poem to represent my me map puzzle. It’s incredibly cheesy but I like cheesy sometimes so it works for me:


People are puzzles full of twists and turns,

Try to figure them out and you may be surprised at what you learn.

I am a teacher, that you already know,

But there’s much more to me than school and desks in a row.


I love to play scrabble with my big brother,

It’s my favorite game and was taught to me by my mother.

I do not like Penguins they are smelly and small,

Their beaks are too pointy, I don’t like them at all.


A big of Appalachian football, that’s me,

I love to cheer the team on to victory.

In the winter it’s Duke Basketball my favorite thing,

I’m not happy when they are losing.


In the mornings I always make a strong cup of tea,

I love Irish Breakfast and Mint so much more than coffee.

White daisies are my favorite flower in a field,

Springtime comes and much beauty they yield.


A summer ago I went to India far far away,

And had a great time I wanted to stay!

I played with great children and on an elephant I rode,

I learned so much and made friends by the carload.


I have blonde curly hair that’s as wild as can be,

It never behaves or listens to me.

My eyes are brown like chocolate that’s dark,

I’m very clumsy and I may leave a mark.


I do not like to eat the spice rosemary,

It’s yucky and not tasty and if I smell it I get wary.

Books are an adventure they take me to far lands,

There’s nothing better than reading with my feet stuck in the sand.


I’m free and I am a raindrop falling from the sky,

I have so many things to do please do not ask me why.

I am so excited to get to know you each this year,

I hope we have so much fun and that you get your learning brain in gear.


That’s all about me so my poem is done,

Let’s start this day now and have a lot of fun!


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