what have you been doing lately?

what have you been doing lately? aaayyy ya, your life could use improving greatly – Relient K

Well lately I have been:

– doing school nonstop. I know that this sounds not true for those who know me well but it is immensely true! I do school all the time. It is very overwhelming but I have worked my whole life to get to this point so I’m trying to give it my best.

– hanging out with fourth graders. I love them. They are precious. They are teaching me so much about relating to my students and how to be a great teacher.

– not reading as much as I would like to. The new Karen Kingsbury book is out and I have not read it yet. Big shocker. I have zero time. Soon, hopefully, soon.

– keeping myself from having breakdowns daily. No my life is not awful. I just get super stressed out about school and how much I have to do and then I think about student teaching and then I pile on the fact that in a year I am expected to act, live and breathe (oh and contribute to the failing economy) like a real adult. It’s super overwhelming and I have mini-cry sessions all the time where I go from crying to laughing because while it’s very stressful it’s all so funny to me too. When did I become a semi-adult? Seriously?

– watching lots of good football. Home football games make a week full of classes better. Some old friends came up for one game and that was a blast. Tailgating is great. Even watched a football game in the rain. Dad says its way more comfy watching it from his lazy boy but where is the thrill in that?

– getting ready for my dear friend Lauren’s wedding. She is tying the knot this Saturday! I am so excited! I’m also so ready to be home for the weekend as I have not been back since August. I can’t wait to see my parents a bit more and also my sweet dog who had surgery right after I came back to school.

– getting excited that fall break starts next thursday. After the wedding I’ll be back here for 3 days and then I’m back home. It’s crazy, I know but there is no way I can miss those days of class. For fall break I plan on going to Barnes & Noble whenever I want to just browse, spending lots of time with my friends, beating my mom at scrabble, loving on my sweet dog, going to see movies with my best friend and oh yeah – lots and lots of sleep. 

Well speaking of sleep I’m exhausted. Bedtime for this girl. Hopefully over break I’ll become more inspired to write something actually meaningful but don’t count on anything super for a bit. 😦 I’ll get into a groove someday….


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