domestic divas and crafty catches

I’m blog stalking again these days. What that really means is that I’m reading all sorts of blogs when I should be doing homework. Ooooops! Motivation to do school is running super low after being in my friend Lauren’s wedding. I really only need to get it back for two more days and then it’s fall break and I’ll be home for a bit longer!

Anyways I have found some awesome blogs that have to do with crafts and cooking and around-the-house tips. A lot of them are mommy focused, which does not apply to me currently, but I love the creative ideas and recipes all the same. If I had all of the spare time in the world right now, here’s what my creative to do list would look like.

1. Make pumpkin spice muffins from flipflops and applesauce

2. Make cute magnetic bookmarks from flipflops and applesauce

3. Make these super cute i-pod earphone holders from stitch lounge

4. Remember making pumpkins in elementary school out of paper bags or something? I want to do that. My roommate says I will be a good elementary teacher. You think?

5. Make an apron. I don’t know if I can do this or not, I have no pattern or anything, just a desire for a stylish, feminine, flirty apron. Is it wrong for an apron to be flirty? I sure hope not. And maybe if I have a fun apron I might try to have some fun cooking in the kitchen.

6. Order this kit from Rick Rack Queen to make my own adorable lunch box.  

Okay that’s enough procrastinating for now. I’m back to the grind. 😦


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  1. Oh, my goodness, I’m crying here! I thought the pumpkin spice muffins and the bookmarks were made from flipflops and applesauce!! LOL! I was trying to figure out how one uses flipflops to make muffins and … oh, my. I think I need more sleep. Thanks for the laugh, though! And the links. Very cool. 🙂

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