give a little grace

It’s one of those crazy days. School here is out for their fall break which oddly happens to coincide with MY fall break. Which means that all of the high school kids are out hanging around at the malls, movie theaters and oh yeah, every single place I had to go to run errands today. Mom and I were a bit disapointed at how busy the roads were but we went on anyways. I still hate doing lots of errands all in a row, just like when I was a kid. My mom used to drag me to store beyond store – grocery, wal-mart, and the worst: the fabric store. There is a wonderful fabric store near our house that has upholstery and decorating fabrics out the wazoo. When we moved into this house I remember going there with my mom and getting lost amidst the rolls of fabric and wondering if I would be there so long that I would starve to death. Today I actually really like that store but I sometimes still get the same feeling of “get me out of here or I’ll scream!”. And when I do too many errands in a row my energy level just plummets.

Today we went into World Market first which is one of my all-time favorite stores. I could browse there for hours (ok well really not but you get the pictures). There are just so many neat things from all over and I love international things! I limited myself today and just got some Torani Flavored Syrups for coffee drinks (making them at home is cheaper than starbucks!). Afterwards we went to Linens and Things to look for an apple corer. I need it for a pumpkin project that I will blog about sometime later in the week. 

Apparently Linens and Things is going out of business so there were people storming the store. Everything was on final clearance so I got excited to find an apple corer for super cheap. We found one and I got in one of the two open lines.  Yes two. The lines were not short. I started to get a little agitated but realized that hey, they are doing the best they can. When I finally reached the front I asked the cashier how she was doing and she replied something to the tune of that she was tired and it had been a long day. I told her I could see why in a sympathetic tone. She rang up my apple corer and the sale price did NOT come up. I was not happy. Sale prices are a big deal to this poor college student. I told her it was supposed to be on sale and she started to try to fix it and I totally bit my tongue. I realized that it was not the poor woman’s fault and that for gosh sakes I could give her a little grace.

Grace. It’s why I have life and salvation. It was given to me so freely yet I tend to hoard it all to myself. What a silly and stupid notion. So next time you want to snap at someone or life just isn’t going exactly how you want it to, give some grace. It feels much better in the end.


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