politics in a nutshell

I debated for weeks whether I should post about politics or not. I decided, heck why not? What I will not do is endorse anyone or go into a lot of details on the subject. I just have some things I really want to say. First of all I really do not like talking politics with people. It bothers me. Politics divides people. The last thing I want to do is debate politics with someone. I know who I am going to vote for. I know my stuff for the most part but I do look at things from the other side. 

1. One issue voting. To do it or not? Basically this goes into the question of should we legislate morality/should we vote on morality? This is a tricky subject but as a Christian I cannot in my right mind and conscience of the Holy Spirit go to the polls and vote without ANY thoughts of how my faith plays into who I vote for. That’s just rediculous. That would be like telling me that as an educator I cannot look at the issues through the eyes of a teacher. I can’t change that, that’s who I am. My faith in Jesus Christ is who I am and it affects every part of my life, including voting and my thoughts on government.

2. I dislike how people on both sides of the election get so worked up and make their candidate out to be someone who they are not. Yes, the President or other elected officials are important leaders but ultimately they are not in charge of the Kingdom. That job has already been filled. I wish Americans would stop looking for an elected official to save them. Only Jesus can do that. We ultimately do not need a President. We need a Saviour, a Redeemer. Jesus Christ is our only hope for the future. 

3. Campaign Ads: I detest them. Both sides of them. Name-calling. It’s awful. I feel like I am watching little kids argue back and forth about who is better at playing hide-and-seek. I mean seriously! Even my fourth graders realize that the campaign ads do not play by the rule of Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You. I mute them. I change the channel. I avoid them at all costs.

4. Issues matter. Knowing where candidates stand on issues matter. Blind voting is not a good option. Straight ticket voting may not always be the best option ever. I look up the candidates and where they stand on the issues before I vote. That way I am informed and ready to vote fairly. Most counties Board of Elections have a sample ballot online that you can look out to see all of the people who are running.

5. I think that family does and should play an important part of politics. People criticize people who grow up and vote just like their parents. I agree that as a young adult I should be able to think for myself. But what if my parents raised me to think for myself and I still happen to agree with them? It’s just silly to think that children will not value some of the same things their parents do. As Christians we want to raise our children to follow the Lord with their whole hearts. I think that if I agree with what my parents think about politics I should not be criticized for voting like them. My parents are wonderful people whom I truly respect. And my house is always a discussion place for politics. I have a brother who is about to graduate from law school and has a degree in Political Science and a dad who keeps up with the news regularly – our dining room table when we are all home is a fun place to be with those two. 

6. Leave the candidate’s families alone. They are not the ones running for office. Stay out of their personal lives and quit pulling them into the spotlight when they do not want to be. Let them live normal lives, just like you want your family to live a normal life. The media are such hounds on this one and it drives me insane!

7. Know where your facts are coming from. Wikipedia is not a reliable or valid source. And I love how each side runs to CNN or FOX. I personally like BBC News. I check it daily. Less bias, more straight news. And I really like the “day in pictures” feature. 

That said, here are some resources that I have found to be helpful and thought-provoking:

Jesus for President by Shane Claiborne: I read Irresistible Revolution while in India and it rocked my world. I have not read Jesus for President yet but it’s on my “Must Read” list. 

Politics section of Boundless


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