the birds are singing!

this was late late late last night when I finished so please ignore the awful hair.

This morning I went to class at 9:00 am. I was about to turn in my Unit of Instruction, the single most important project of my college career. As I walked to class I had a great epiphany – the sun was shining and I heard the birds chirping. I realized that life was good and that God is good and that He always provides. I was also so happy to have this project done. 

In class our professor asked how it felt to be done. I just blurted out (as I usually do without thinking) that the birds are singing. Everyone looked at me with puzzled faces and then I explained and everyone laughed. You probably had to be there but it was funny.

this is a very happy me this morning in class with much better hair.

and that’s my friend Lauren and I visiting the Eiffel Tower because we were so excited!


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  1. Lauren

    Just letting you know.. I changed my blog name:

    Have a wonderful night!!

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