5 am prayer

it’s 5:24 am. I’ve already been awake for 45 minutes. This sore throat of mine is no fun at all. It hurts so bad. But I’m draining so I know it’s just a really no fun cold. I went to sleep grouchy last night. I went to bed before the election results were completely official. I know that this sounds awful but I didn’t care. I wanted sleep. People in my apartment complex were lighting fireworks and screaming in joy. That’s ok, it’s their choice. I seriously thought about walking outside and telling them that if they don’t quiet down I would breathe on them ahahahaha.

Now that the election is over, I’ll share my opinions. Somewhat. While I did not vote for Barack Obama I will pray for him and his family. Check out the Boundless article on the subject. I’m not really happy with the election results but I’ve had a peace since before it even started that God is sovereign and in control and that whatever happens, happens because He allows it. It is SO GOOD to have faith and hope and trust in the God who runs the universe and holds the stars in his hands. I don’t know how I could do life without that. 

Also, I really could care less right now because there is so much hurting and other things going on in the world. I have told people that if he won I was moving to India. Truth is, I would really want to move there anyways if John McCain had won. That’s just where my heart is. Or how about the people of Congo. There’s a terrible war going on that is affecting so many people, including innocent children. Kids are my softspot. Especially ones who deal with more in life than any adult should ever even have to hear of. 

Or how about this e-mail I got the other day from my brother:

I just checked bbcnews.com, and found something that I am sure could use prayer.  Right now, approximately 250,000 persons in the Congo (Africa) are displaced.  This essentially stems from Rwandan genocide roots – the disputes between Hutus and Tutsis.  Currently, 50,000 persons are on the run after Tutsis came in an burned and looted a refugee camp, with all the affects that comes from that (murder, rape, etc.).  Right now the UN is trying to get in and provide the fleeing refugees safety, but it is very dangerous, and they cannot get to the refugees now. So, at least 50,000 persons are in grave danger of attack.
Pray that ultimately God will be glorified in this situation.  Specifically, pray that the UN and other aid agencies will be able to get in and provide safety to these refugees.  The US is talking to leaders in Congo, but it’s very limited.  Below is the link for the article.
I know most of you don’t have enough time to read the entire article, so do what I do when I’m pressed for time – set aside a minute or two and pray that God will work in this situation and provide peace and safety.
I think it’s great how my families hearts somehow end up on the same page.
So I’m gonna go now. I’m going to go pray for the people of the Congo. And for my babies in India. And I’m going to continue to place my trust in hope and Jesus Christ and look to Him to serve and worship Him. 

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