my day

5:30 am: wake up groggily. realize that my throat is incredibly sore and that i have to pee. try to go back to sleep.

5:45 am: realize that the whole going back to sleep thing is not going to happen. go to the bathroom. take some drugs for the throat. get dressed. grab lunch.

6:00 am: head out the door.

6:10 am: arrive at my polling place and wonder if anyone is there yet. sit in the car for 15 minutes.

6:25 am: walk up to the building and wait. talk to nice old couple who are super sweet.

6:30 am: walk into the building, present my id, get my ballot and vote in my first ever presidential election (yes I was pretty excited). and I voted for Cherie Berry, the elevator lady. you NC people will get that one

6:39 am: leave the polls, call my carpool buddy then my dad. dad groggily answers as i know that they are still in bed and i yell at him to get up and vote since he didn’t follow mom’s lead and early vote. he laughs, we talk and he says that the early morning phone call better not be a regular occurence.

7:05 am: get to carpool buddy’s apartment with some mcdonalds in hand and we go to school. 

7:25 am: arrive at school. the day begins.

7:25 am – 4:00 pm: fourth grade. highlights include editing limericks that they wrote that were super cool and making signs for the school wide canned food drive. oh and watching the “you can vote however you want video (see last post) with one of the fifth graders who gave me the lyrics – yes! 

during the entire school day: popping cough drops like crazy until i realize that the bag says “excessive use may cause laxative effect”. um yeah stomach wasn’t too happy about that.

4:00pm – head home in complete misery because of the throat. drink pickle juice as soon as i get home. take some more sudafed. lay around and watch House with rooms and pray that I don’t have the ebola virus. i’m a bit of a hypochondriac if you haven’t noticed.

5:23 pm – rooms and I head over to Panera and I get some yummy broccoli cheddar soup to bring home. more House watching and relaxing.

7:30 pm – talk to mom on the phone, get some stuff from her i needed, talk about voting, talk about my sore throat. realize i should get my humidifier out. gargle with hot salt water and then make a very sour face afterwards because it tastes disgusting.

7:45 pm – Find the humidifier. Realize that the humidifier cap is missing. Go search and find it in the bathroom.

7:53 pm – Get the humidifier in the bathroom and realize that it needs the cleaning liquid stuff and that i have no clue how to do that. call mom because she knows just about everything.

8:12 pm – finally get the humdifier running. fix the printer. print some stuff for school tomorrow. realize that while i am dire pain i do not most likely have the ebola virus and i will make it. it just might take a while.

I’m off to do some work and watch the election returns before I hit the hay early. I’m exhausted and 9:00 sounds like a great bedtime.


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