cherish friendships

Last night was girls night. My two best friends and I had been wanting to have a night just for us for a while. When I realized that I was coming home for the weekend we claimed the night as ours and began brainstorming ideas. The brainstorm list was pretty funny in itself – we thought of dancing, appetizers/dessert at a nice restauraunt, cooking at someone’s house and watching a movie (did I mention that I have a best friend who is a chef?), and some other random things.

We ended up going to this cute shopping center not far from my house to grab some dinner and see a movie. Turns out that the shopping center was having their annual Christmas Tree Lighting festival. It was so much fun. There was a huge tree in the middle of the streets – the shopping center is set up to be like a small little downtown with small streets to stroll – that they lit and had the lights twirl on and such. Fake snow fell from the tops of buildings and there were even people dressed up as snowmen and reindeers. We grabbed some Barbeque for dinner at a great little place that has a bar right at the window that overlooks outside. It was perfect for casual conversation and one of my favorite hobbies – people watching. 

After dinner we headed over to the movie theatre in the same shopping center to see Fireproof. What a wonderful movie! I laughed. I cried. Oh I cried. We forgot tissues so Sybil ran into the bathroom and grabbed some toilet paper but we ran out of it during the movie. I had to use my scarf to wipe away the last tears. You MUST see this movie. I’m telling everyone I know to go see it. I’m not married. Not planning on becoming married anytime soon. But I loved Fireproof. It had such powerful messages about marriage and the Gospel and loving with all of your heart even when you don’t want to. Please, please, please, go see it!

After the movie we went to a wonderful restauraunt nearby for dessert. My chef friend used to work there so she said hi to a bunch of people and we enjoyed the world’s best chocolate cake with raspberry sauce ever. As we walked back to the car later with our elbows interlocked I realized how much I needed a night of fun and fellowship with my girls. We sang Christmas Carols at the top of our lungs and even though my throat still hurt and I was exhausted my heart felt light and carefree.

Girls nights are major must for me. The Lord has blessed me with so many wonderful friendships and I love to celebrate them. Even if the celebrations are as small as a shared piece of cake or ten mintutes for coffee it’s important to take time to enjoy the friendships and people God has placed in our lives. This theme carried on tonight as I came back to school and reunited with my roommate. I was reading On A Whim and when I told her about a part of it she became so intrigued that I gave her the first book Peculiar Treasures and we both sat down on our couches and read for a good 2 plus hours. These books are amazing and we both sighed as we read them and shared many giggles together. Though we really need to be working on impending papers and projects as we only have 16 days of college left together I am glad that we took this time to just enjoy life. At one point I just looked up from my book as we laughed and told Rooms that these are the memories that will stick with us. 

So maybe it’s been a while since you’ve talked to a dear girlfriend of yours. Maybe it was just 5 minutes ago. Either way I challenge you to truly cherish the friendships in your life in big and small ways. Here are some small ways you might be able to celebrate this week:

1. When you get together for a talk in your home, light a candle. I got this from the Robin Jones Gunn books and I love it. To me it says that you find the other person special and want to cherish your time together.

2. Write a dear friend a letter. Snail mail is a lost art these days and it’s about time we brought it back. A small card with confetti and a heartfelt note is sure to bring a smile and maybe even some tears to your friend’s eyes.

3. Surprise a friend you normally see with food, a special coffee drink, etc. This is for the people your carpool with, work with, or go to school with. They won’t expect it and that’s what makes it so much fun.

4. Set up a phone date with a friend who lives far away. E-mail to find out when a good (and possibly free time if you have free minutes after 9 or on the weekends) time would be to call. This is the only way I have stayed in touch with some of the girls from my India team. If your friend lives overseas look into getting Skype. My friend, Kira, who is traveling around the world currently, has Skype and we both look forward to the chances we get to actually see faces and hear voices.

5. Pray for them. Pray for your friend every day for one week. Not only will you bless their heart secretly but you’ll probably also find yourself more encouraged because of the memories of your friendship. 

Do you have any more good ideas? PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE leave a comment with your own ideas. 🙂


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  1. Amy Rlin

    What a beautiful blog entry. Thank you!

    I’m reading Engaging Father Christmas right now, also by Robin Jones Gunn. She’s the best.

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