may your days be merry and bright

Now that I am actually home for good and my head is free of worries of school, I feel that I can actually start to think about and appreciate Christmas. See back at Thanksgiving I got all blog happy and had ALL of these great post ideas and things I really wanted to write about. My plan was to write a bunch then so that I could set up a bunch of automatic posts. Well plans went out the window. Oh well.

But I am excited. It just feels like it’s time for Christmas. The lights are hung outside, the tree in our house is bright and twinkling, and the air has that chilly crisp feeling.

But even more than a physical feeling of Christmas “in the air” I think my heart is ready for Christmas. My feeble, wandering, quick to fail heart needs Jesus. I need to be reminded this Christmas of the gospel. Well I need to be reminded of the gospel daily but I feel that at Christmas there are so many more reasons to see it clearly.

Tomorrow I am going to my church’s Christmas Musical for the first time since high school. I cannot wait. They usually do a wonderful job and it’s a great time to bring unchurched friends as an outreach. Sometimes though I think that as Christians it is important that we hear and see the gospel fresh and anew on a regular basis. I need the gospel this Christmas just as much as nonbelievers do. There is this quote that I love that I’m not sure where it’s from that says “apply the gospel to every wound”. I really like that. The world is full of grief, bitterness, despair, disapointment, and hurt. And the best thing we can do is to apply the gospel to everything. Band-aids are temporary. Ice and tylenol wear off. But the gospel is never ending and is the best medicine the human heart will ever find.

So look forward to Christmas this year. Look for Jesus in all of your celebrations and your days will be merry and bright no matter what your circumstances may be!

By the way if you are ready for some Christmas Celebrating right now head over to Celebrating Christmas, a blog put together by some women at my church. You’re sure to be blessed!


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