no of course I’m not blonde….

It started out as a favor to my best friend. She was downtown at her college and had locked her keys in the car. She had parked parallel on the street and since there was a lot of traffic she left her keys and bag on the passenger seat and was going to grab them once she safely made it around the car. Well until that instinct of locking the car kicked in. So she called me. I drove to her house, got her spare key and then headed downtown. 

First of all, I got lost. Lost? Me? Never. Ok well more like frequently. She called me, set me straight and then I made it. I paralled parked on the street. 

What happened next is shameful. It’s awful. I should probably be locked in a blonde mental institution. 

I did the exact same thing. Yes, I put my keys in my purse and then walked to the other side. After I instinctly locked the car. Oooopsssss. We laughed. We laughed hard. In fact I think everyone around us thought we were crazy. 

So we grabbed some caramel apple cider, and got back into her car. Thank goodness I still had her spare key in my pocket. That would have been really funny. We drove back to my house, grabbed my spare key, and turned right back around. Now we’re sitting in the coffee shop where we were supposed to be an hour ago. Hahahaha. 

Now we are chalking it up as time spent together. Time to talk and catch up and well just laugh. Because seriously, God knows how to make me laugh.


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  1. piratesinnc

    Sounds like you 😉

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