the 9am club?

It’s 9:10 am and I am still in bed. Don’t you just love vacation? I certainly do. The past couple days since I have been fun have been great. I have never felt more relaxed or just joyful about life in a while. I needed this time. I keep remembering, hey this is my life now. I’m not going back to school in January, I’m staying here for good. It’s a thought that I often have to say a couple of times before I believe it. But it’s good. Church on Sunday was wonderful. Going Sunday night to the Christmas Play was even better. My best friend and I sat on the front row. It was insane. I was caught up in a world of Christmas Songs and celebrations of the Saviour. 

I have had lots of time to just spend with my friends lately and I love that. I’m also trying to unpack all of my stuff. Not fun at all. One side of our garage is full of my boxes and furniture that I am supposed to be going through. I also am doing a lot of reading. I finally got a hold of Sunset, the latest and last of the Baxter Series by Karen Kingsbury and am loving it. It’s hard to tear myself away from that to pack. I also went to the church library the other day and got this book: Shopping for Time. It’s by the girl talkers and has been featured on other people’s blogs. It’s about time management. It’s good. It’s convicting.

One of the principles in the book is rising early. The authors discuss how they are a part of the 5am club because that is when they rise daily to get going, have their time with the Lord, and then get some things accomplished. They encourage everyone to find their time that wold be early enough for them to get up and do these things. I think I picked the wrong time to read this book because never has my time been so unorganized. I stay up really late hanging out with friends and then sleep in and then lay around forever before I get everything accomplished.

But even so, I think my vacation needs a little bit more order. I need to accomplish the things around the house that are important such as unpacking so that I can do the things I really want to do, such as spending time with people, reading, volunteering, etc. Just some unorganized thoughts.

Well I guess instead of lazily laying around I could get up and get my day started. Adios till later!

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