Christmas Catch-Mes

A couple of things I would like to note about this Christmas Season:

1. Yesterday on the radio I heard an advertisement that said something to the jist of “Such and such store has everything you need this Christmas to be the hero to your family”. Hero to your family? WHAT? Are you kidding me? I thought Christmas was about Jesus, the real hero. I had to turn the radio off. I may not be able to listen to it again for a while. This is what is happening to our nation – Jesus is being ousted out of his rightful place as hero, as messiah, as Saviour. 

2. The Christmas Card and Letter. Duh duh duh. This is something that brings fear and anxiety to families everywhere, as they decide what to write and what to toss. My mom originally sent me an e-mail a couple of weeks ago asking if I would look over her attached Christmas Letter and help her revise it. I meant to get to it but this was during my very crazy end of school time so I never did. When I got home, she begged again. Since I was still in my pajamas and it was 10am I figured I could use my precious time to help mom out. I am not going to lie. It was boring. Mom even admitted it. It was just the basic facts in about 3 paragraphs, no splice or sugar or anything nice. So I went to town. I rewrote the thing. Actually I wrote two. One that had the information and was still pretty lame and one that was written from MY point of view and was much more exciting. I printed both off to the downstairs printer and let Mom take her pick. She chose well. Here is what I wrote (some information changed to protect my family):

Greetings and Salutations Friends and Family,

Julie here from  Headquarters in HOMETOWN. Another Christmas has snuck up on our household. I can hardly believe it is that time again! You know, the time where we must pull out pen and paper (ok now it’s computer and keyboard) and share what is going on in our lives.

I guess I should tell you that I just moved back home to live with my parents. I will be student teaching in a second grade classroom next semester and couldn’t be more excited! Mom and Dad are thrilled to have me home. Why wouldn’t they be? Well ok, hopefully we’ll survive after I unpack the garage from all of my belongings – who knew one could accumulate so much stuff in college?

 My brother, the ever studious one, is finishing up his last year of Law School. We are very proud of him and his accomplishments. BROTHER is the one with the most exciting news in the family – he is engaged to be married! BROTHER met FIANCE two summers ago through our church’s singles group. FIANCE is a teacher and a wonderful young lady. We feel very blessed that she will be a part of our family.

 My parents are still keeping busy in their nifty fifty years as I like to call them. Dad still works for BUSINESS from home. His commute on the stairs might become a bit more trafficked as I am home now. He still enjoys going to the gym every day and playing his guitar. Mom continues to keep busy with volunteering at church and staying highly involved in our lives. She also has a big accomplishment of her own this year – she ran a 5k as a leg of a triathlon in June. Dad and I cheered her on from the sidelines in the scorching heat. Mom did great though she says she is in no hurry to catch up with Dad and his running. 

Mom and Dad still teach five-year-old Sunday School and were even interviewed about it for our church’s magazine. 

BROTHER and I will both graduate from our respective Universities on DATE. Mom and Dad are still working on a way to celebrate with both of us. That or they are trying to figure out a way to bribe one of us. 

Well that’s about it from our household. I better get off the computer and start unpacking my things before they start charging me rent! We send you warm wishes for a wonderful Christmas season as you share the joy of Christ’s birth with family and friends!

 – The Family

Well, what do you think? Did I bore you? Did you yawn? 

And also if this letter could have been digital I would have included a link to this video because it is about moving back in with parents and is highly hilarious:


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