walk quickly and keep the chocolate nearby

Today I hit the stores and the mall for a very, very, very brief shopping adventure. My goal was to help my mom look at new stockings, find some new workout clothes with Christmas money, and peruse Barnes & Noble since I have some gift cards. It was crowded everywhere I went – people everywhere. After a bit I split off from my mom and went on my own. As I walked through the mall I remembered that this is why I go shopping by myself:

1. I can walk quickly and weave in and out of people instead of waiting for someone or having to go slow. One of my main pet peeves in life is getting stuck behind those slow people in the mall. I shop at a fast pace, like an FBI agent on a mission. I want to get in, see if they have what I want, try it on, buy it, and get out. No lollygagging or window shopping for me. I save those pastimes for when friends and I are bored and just want to kill time. 

2. I don’t have to go into any stores except for the ones I want to. This is selfish, of course, but it also keeps me from buying things I don’t want or need. 

3. Less time waiting to get a fitting room.

And of course, there are tried and true methods of shopping. Every women has her own tricks of the trade. One of mine is now to keep the chocolate nearby. I got some Dove Dark Chocolate in my stocking so I grabbed one little package and threw it in my purse before I left today. Best idea ever! Just when I was getting stressed and tired I popped a piece in and voila I was in indulgence heaven. 

My trip was successful as I only bought the things I needed and spent none of “my” money. I got some great bargains because of the sales. Mission complete!


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