it’s been a while

This has got to be the longest break I have taken from blogging ever. I really miss writing so frequently! 

Christmas and Christmas break were wonderful and very refreshing. I enjoyed the time off and time spent with friends and family. I really did not want break to end. 

Then last week the madness started up again as I had meetings for student teaching and I took the Praxis II exam. It was a busy weekend and the mountains were super cold!

But now here, I am after my first week of student teaching. I absolutely love it! My second graders are the cutest kids ever! My teacher is also amazing and very kind and we laugh all day long at their crazy antics. Unfortunately the little boogers may have given me a cold as I have a bad sore throat and stuffiness and all that jazz. My older brother has also been home this weekend and he has it too so the source of my cold is unknown. Most likely I got hit with it twice as hard. Haha. 

Even so, I’m taking some time today to just relax and chill. If you’ve read any of my blogs before you know that I hate being sick (ahem mono) and am pretty grouchy about it. I am such a people person and don’t like being by myself. Especially during what was supposed to be my long, fun weekend. Oh well. While I am missing church incredibly right now I am realizing that it’s ok and that I can still have some special time with God. Who knows, maybe I’ll even get some more blogs written!

So be patient with me, dear blog reader, I’m not giving up on this thing. Hopefully soon the writing will be back to a more normal and steady pace.


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2 responses to “it’s been a while

  1. My son graduated with a BS degree May of last year. He returned to school this fall to get his teaching certificate. He really hopes to be able to teach in a Christian High School.

    An Arkie’s Musings

  2. Julie

    That’s great that your son wants to be a teacher. I am enjoying it immensely – it is rewarding beyond measure. What did your son get his degree in/what does he want to teach?

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