snow “fellowship”










Yesterday was a great day! It snowed really hard the night before and we got about 2 inches. That’s a lot for this area. My two best friends spent the night so that in case we all didn’t have school yesterday we could be stuck here together and go play. After I woke up at 7 I called my school to see if it was a teacher workday or not. It wasn’t! 

We had a great day. We made chocolate chip pancakes. We stayed up late last night chatting and being silly like we used to at middle school sleepovers. Then we went sledding. All three of us piled on top of each other on this small piece of plastic sled. It was so much fun! We got soaked but we laughed hard and really enjoyed it. Then some guy friends of ours came over and we continued the fun with more sledding and snow angel making. I actually ended up watching the kiddo (girl I watched this summer) for a couple of hours since she didn’t have school and she played outside with us. She fell in love with one of my guy friends and was inseparable from him for the rest of the afternoon. It was very precious.

We called it a day of “fellowship” and it really was. I love my friends and I love that we all really enjoy spending time together and just doing life together. The above pictures are courtesy of two of said friends, LaBranda and Jason, since they have some awesome photography skills. Enjoy!


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