twenty five

It’s going around facebook and I caved in. Here they are, twenty five random things you always wanted to know about me:

1. I can’t stand not being introduced to people if I am somewhere and there are less than 20 people in attendance. It bugs me because then there is that whole awkward “hi, I’m Julie” part or the even more awkward “I’m going to talk to you but I don’t know your name”.
2. I want to go to Africa. And New Zealand. And Thailand. And Germany again. But if God only let me go to one foreign country for the rest of my life I would definitely choose India.
3. I have a sparkly pink case on my mac and I love it. It’s girly and fun and fits me. 
4. I have an addiction to buying used books from Amazon. My wish list is VERY long.
5. I’m getting a sister-in-law in May and I’m really excited!!!!
6. Sometimes I miss going to the library at Appalachian. I usually hated being there when I had to be there, except for when I got to go search for awesome children’s books and supplies but now that I am away from Boone I miss the library and it’s quietness and wonderfulness and the way that I would run into tons of people in the lower level. On the day before the last day of Block II I spent 9 straight hours in the library.
7. My hair is wacko. It’s actually curly and a lot of people don’t know that it’s curly because I usually straighten it. I have not worn in curly yet to student teaching because I know it’s going to confuse the kids. 
8. I like to read books. Seriously. I usually read every night before I go to bed. I love to read an entire book in one day. I usually recommend good books to my friends and my mom always asks me what book she should read next. Children’s books make me smile and I want to own them all.
9. I remember going to career day in 3rd grade as a teacher. I wore a nice dress and a sweater. I wanted to be a teacher so bad. Now I’m a teacher and I don’t wear dresses and sweaters. There is a little girl in my class who really wants to be a teacher and it makes me smile so much. ☺ 
10. For Halloween my sophomore year of college I was a gumball machine. I got the “Most Improved” costume award from Taylor, Lauren, and Katie. I think that they didn’t have any awards left but love me so they just gave me that.
11. My room is green and I love it. 
12. In fifth grade I stapled my thumb. My teacher, Mrs. Williams was amazing and got it out. 
13. My dear friend Chelsey Minish and I have hypotenuse t-shirts. You should all be jealous.
14. In Preschool Sunday School I put play-doh in my teacher’s coffee because I wanted to know what the coffee would do to the play-doh. I was a young scientist but I got in BIG trouble. That’s probably why I never did good in science in school. 
15. I love to ride on jet-skis. It’s so much fun. I can also kneeboard but have no desire to learn how to wakeboard.
16. I learned how to shag this summer and absolutely love it. It’s the one dance this two-left-footed girl can handle and it’s a blast!
17. I hate people who are fake. Just give it to me straight – be yourself. Although I hated writing that cause I know there are times when I am so guilty of it. I like honest people much more than people who pretend to be all that.
18. I love being a teacher. What I don’t love is that a lot of people don’t realize it’s a TON of work and that the job really never ends. And they never prepared us in college for having your heart pulled in so many little directions.
19. I love the smell of laundry detergent. Doing the laundry is therapeutic. Folding the clothes however, is not so much fun. I usually end up stuffing things places. 
20. If there is a board game to be played, I am on it. I love to play board games and am super competitive about it. Don’t mess.
21. I love to write. I write gobs and gobs of random information on a frequent information so that my brain can chill. If I had had more time in my college course load I would have loved to take a Journalism class.
22. I often just want to say what I am thinking but don’t. In high school I got really honest my junior and senior years and definitely said what I shouldn’t have said to some people a couple of times. Megan was proud of me. I also remember having to stay after class one day for US History because I told a girl off .
23. I’m usually the person that people love to pick on. I usually bring it upon myself. But I still don’t think that harassment is a spiritual gift.
24. Coconut = wonderfulness. I love coconut.
25. I used to be addicted to Diet Coke. I drank like 4 or 5 a day. Now I drink only caffeine free sodas and tea. I love hot tea. It’s the best. 

26 (one to grow on). I want to live in a big city for a short amount of time. Not for good but just for a while. Right now I love D.C.


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