I’m coming down with a cold that has been going around among the teachers. I really wanted to go shopping this afternoon but I don’t have the energy. So I did some retail therapy from home – I bought some OPI nail polish on Amazon. I’m excited.

Sometimes I think if I ever want to change careers I’ll write greeting cards. Perfect opportunity to get out all of the random, touching thoughts in my head. I like to read card greetings. I like it when they really “fit” the person. 

I’m now wondering if the nail polish is a good idea or not. I have a really bad habit of breaking my nails/picking at them. Usually nail polish doesn’t last too long.

When there are akaward situations to be had I laugh. It’s a nervous habit. But I do laugh a lot for real. That’s not a nervous habit.

Since Airborne was created by a second grade teacher I like to think that it has the best protection for second grade teachers. Or at least that’s what I tell myself.

Popping popcorn on the stove in a pot is the best thing ever. I used to microwave. I am now a reformed popcorn popper. Join the club.

I’m watching a Hallmark movie with my mom as I write this and she is giving me marriage advice. “Communication is key Julie, it’s key!”.



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  1. Ahh…teachers and colds…seems that I always seem to “catch” the colds of my colleagues and students but never come down with them. I like to catch them and pass them on to, oh, my wife, the two kids, you know…everyone else but myself. (And they love me for it!) Here’s to hoping you feel better soon!

  2. An interesting ADD post. i like it.

    An Arkies Musings

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