anticipating Valentines Day

I’m usually not the one to plan ahead for holidays. I usually balk at Walmart when they have Halloween items out in August or Valentines Day items in January. Overcommercialism bothers me. But for some reason this year, I cannot wait till Valentines Day. I don’t have big plans. I don’t have a boyfriend or a Valentine. But I’m excited.

I know that some single people christen the day SAD (Singles Awareness Day) but it’s never really been that for me. Valentines days past in college contain some of the best memories for me. Freshmen year I was at a church event and also celebrated with the girls in my suite. Sophomore year a friend from my bible study joined me for dinner at Arby’s and then a movie. Last year I received many Valentines from my cute little kids at the day care I worked at and then had dinner, watched Becoming Jane, and went to Crusade with some dear friends. 

Oh of course every year there is that part of me that wants to be miserable. That’s the way that the world feels – that if you are single you deserve to be miserable. Ouch. I don’t agree. I have way too much to be thankful for to be miserable. I have great friends, wonderful parents, a crazy but awesome brother, a church family that really is family, and activities and things in my life that truly make me fulfilled. 

This year, I’m excited for some other people on Valentines day. My brother is engaged to a wonderful girl who I can’t wait to have as a sister. My best friend also just started dating an awesome and godly guy. And my parents have been married for over 25 years! All of these people are at various stages in life and the life of love but they all point the source of their love to one thing – God. 

On Valentines day (tonight) my best friend and I are babysitting for a bunch of kids while their parents enjoy a catered romantic dinner at church. It will be chaotic but it will also be fun! While it’s not a romantic candlelit dinner it’s a chance to serve some other couples and it beats doing nothing on V-day.

Oh and of course I cannot wait for next Friday at school when I’ll celebrate with the second graders. This week we are decorating shoe boxes to be their Valentine mailboxes and then on Friday they will hand our their valentines and we’ll have cookies and punch. It’s all of the cuteness that a second grade valentines party should include. (This was really a fun day – more to come later!)

How are you celebrating Valentines day this year? Any exciting stories or surprises ahead?

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