valentines in the eyes of second graders

Friday was a funny day. It was the day we celebrated valentines at school. My teacher and I joked that to the kids Valentines day is like Christmas at school. They get so excited about giving each other candy and valentines. It’s absolutely precious. So of course they decorated shoeboxes to store their valentines in (with hearts that were symmetrical of course for a little math integration). And we had a little “party” for 20 minutes at the end of the day with cookies and juice boxes.

I love those little boogers. They are so funny. One little child gave me this large card. It was sealed with little red hearts. I opened it up and heard the song “let me call you sweetheart”. Inside I was bursting with laughter but knew I had to smile and show this little gentleman in training that I was appreciative. The best part was the greeting. It reads: “All I dream about is you“. My teacher saw this and asked the little boy “Do you dream about Ms. R?”. He thought for a moment with his hand on his chin before replying “sometimes”. Oh dear it was about the sweetest and most hilarious thing ever.

I also got some white musk perfume and a lollipop that is almost as big as my face. And lots of little hugs. I love their hugs.

So all in all, it was a great Friday in the land of pasted hearts. 🙂


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