the one with the burger

Last night, Lauren and I went out to dinner at Red Robin. I love that place. Great burgers, fun atmosphere and the ability to seat very large parties (usually a bunch of people after church on sunday).

I beat Lauren there but it looked crowded so I went in and put our name down. They called the name 5 minutes later. I told the hostess that the other person wasn’t there yet. She asked if I would liked to be seated and then he could meet me at the table. I told her that no thanks I would wait for HER in the lobby. Strike 1 – they thought I was on a date but I was not. (Lauren as we discussed hanging out with my married pregnant friend really is better anyways!). 

So we sat down at one of their small little booths, ordered our food and began talking. We talked a lot because there is a lot to talk about what with Baby Bean coming this very next week! I was glad we got the chance to catch up and talk before all of the excitement.

I ordered a Banzai Burger. Usually I like the mushroom and swiss or the guacamole bacon burger but I was feeling something different and the teryiaki sauce and pineapple ring topper on the Banzai sounded really good. 

We continued talking and our food was delivered. My burger looked pretty good with the pineapple and the onion rings looked even better. We asked for sides of sauces for our fries/onion rings and some napkins and dug in.

I noticed that my burger was kind of different color and that it had some onions cooked into it. I figured it was all part of the Banzai experience and continued eating it. Ok, it wasn’t that great. But it wasn’t awful. It didn’t taste like metal or anything. It just didn’t have a wow factor. The sauce and the pineapple was good though. 

We kept eating and talking and while the burger was odd I told myself to not be a whiner and just eat it. And so I did.

Until the manager walked up to our booth.

“Hi how are you ladies doing this evening?”

“Great, thank you”.

He looks at me. “How’s that Banzai Burger?”

“Umm it’s good.” This was a complete and total lie. I don’t know why I didn’t come out and just say it.

“Well there seems to be a little mix up. That’s actually a veggie burger that someone at the bar ordered.”

My  jaw drops. “Oh really?”.

“Yeah, that garden burger is pretty good that you didn’t even notice it until you were 3/4 of the way done huh?”

“Uh….yeah…I guess so.”

As Lauren and I cracked up laughing the manager profusely apologized and offered to bring me a new real beef banzai burger. He said that I might be full so he could get it all wrapped up to go and I could take it home. I agreed to it (hey that’s lunch for today now!) and he left. Lauren and I laughed about it for a while before he brought out a bag with a wrapped real burger and extra fries.

Our poor waiter also felt awful and kept apologizing. I told him that it really was ok, I just couldn’t believe I didn’t notice. Poor guy probably thought I was going to call in to corporate and complain. Not my style. They ended up taking the burger off of my ticket so I paid next to nothing for my food. I did give the waiter a good tip since I felt sorry for him.

It was a funny night and I laughed about it the whole way home. See the thing is, I love the ability/style that God has given me to laugh about things. Laughter is my personal form of resilience. If I can laugh about something I can survive it. I laughed about mono and I made it through. I am now starting to laugh about my incredibly hard last semester. And the everyday mix ups and mistakes in life keep me smiling and grinning very frequently.  

And to all of you vegetarians out there: the veggie burger was not awful tasting. I did not regurgitate it. But I still am a 100% beef girl. 🙂


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  1. Garden burgers are good, but i am sure they are no substitute for a real “beef” burger

    An Arkies Musings

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