american idol with the parents

My life is pretty routine these days. Wake up, go to school, work hard, stay after for a while, come home, eat dinner, watch tv with the parents. Yes, every night I watch tv with my parents. Imagine that. A twenty one year old girl watching TV with her above fifty parents. 

Yet it’s fun. And I love it. First of all I am a big Jeopardy fan. Watching Jeopardy and getting at least 5 questions a night right makes me feel smart and intelligent. Which is good considering I spend my days teaching much simpler thoughts. And mom likes it too. Dad isn’t so much of a fan but we make him suffer through it anyways.

I have my spot on the loveseat. Mom and Dad have the couch. We fight over who get’s the green blanket because it’s the heaviest and the warmest. And American Idol – I’ve got the folks hooked. They used to not like it but now they watch it with me after rolling their eyes like it’s lame. And they comment. I have taught them how to comment at the TV, how interaction really is more fun. Now when we watch American Idol we ALL pick out who’s gonna make it and who’s not.

Living at home with the parents. Not half as bad as I thought it would be. 🙂

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  1. Annie

    You and your parents are so lucky to have each other!!! For some t.v. is taboo, but I find certain shows can bring the family together!

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