I’m in a fabulous mood today. This morning we showered my future sister in law with gifts and love. I played with Natalie’s camera during the present opening and had a fun time. Thanks Natalie! The food was also quite delicious or “divine” to quote Natalie. I can’t believe that K&J are getting married in less than 3 months!!!

The rest of my day was spent enjoying the wonderful WARM, BREEZY weather. It is in the 70s today!!! A major change from the snow on Monday oh yes. I did some work and planning on the screened in porch. Ok, actually most of the time was spent sitting on a comfy chair watching a movie. 🙂

My best friend has been in Mexico all week long with our church’s college ministry. They were working on building a house and working with a local church. I’m sure she had a blast but I am ready for her to get back! My two best friends and I now meet on Tuesday nights for some accountability and this week other best friend and I kept saying how it felt wrong to meet with out LB. We were going to watch American Idol but then I had to go and get sick and she didn’t want to be near me. 

And speaking of American Idol, I am so glad that Anoop made it back in!!! Represent for North Carolina! I had no voice for about half of the week but when they said that he was going to be in the wild card round I screamed. It came out really funny since it wasn’t very loud. Haha.

My students are still the cutest things ever. They make me smile every day and as I was sick they really brightened my days. I had a lot of “aha” moments this week where something really clicked. We’re learning about skits and I am working on The Troll Bridge with a group of boys. It is so hilarious! The little boy who is the troll does a GREAT voice and it just makes me want to laugh. I also had a student get REALLY excited and happy when I told him that I was going to add a list of verbs and adverbs to their writing folders. Who knew verbs and adverbs could be so exciting? 

So all of this, plus some humility checks the Lord threw my way this week are leaving me feeling fabulous. All of my work for monday is not done, my uncertainty about getting a job is all over the place, and my room is a disaster but I don’t really care right now. I feel blessed beyond measure and I just want to bask in it and enjoy the blessings that God has given me!

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