curly girl living in the land of straight

People do not know what to do with curly hair. It’s absolutely true. I’m telling you.

I have curly hair. Ridiculous, curly, rambunctious, has a mind of its own curly hair. I was born with it. I’ll die with it. Got that? Good.

I have had this curly hair my entire life. I have fought with it. Wrestled with it. Attacked it with countless combs. “Tamed” it with gels, pomades, creams and serums galore. 

And in the end – the hair always wins. 

Now I embrace the curls. We have a much better relationship due to a lovely fellow curly girl named Taylor who led me in the way of the curls freshmen year. I still straighten the curls frequently. Call it my control quota. Straight hair is manageable. It’s calm. It’s serene. It can stay straight for more than one day without being washed. It’s good.

Yet no matter how long I may have lived with the curls and dealt with the curls other people in the world just don’t get the curls. These people are the straight haired people. You may even be one of them.

Every time I get the curls cut, the stylists marvel. They ask: “Is your hair naturally curly?” No, really!!! They proceed to cut the curls and then ask me if they would like for me to dry out the curls or leave them au natural. I used to go the dried route. But it takes forever. And now that I straighten drying doesn’t reach the end desired look that I get when I straighten at home. Not to mention the fact that they charge around $16 to straighten the curls. No way hosea! 

So I tell the kind, well meaning stylist that I will just wear the hair curly. She asks if I use any kind of gel to tame the frizz. She asks this in a way that says “do you know how to do your own hair?”. Inwardly I boil. Outwardly I smile and say yes I do use gel. She slathers some weird chemical concoction on the curls without parting the hair and then proceeds to try to scrunch the curls. Except she rakes her fingers DOWN through the curls with no method at all. Oh goodness.

Here’s what I wish people of the world who have straight hair knew about curly hair:

1. Curly hair is different every day. While it may look fabulous one day, the same method the next day may cause less than desirable results.

2. Curls are meant to be scrunched UP, not DOWN. Raking one’s fingers through curls in a downward motion causes more frizz and uncurliness.

3. Gels, serums, pomades and creams cannot tame the beast behind the curls. There is no miracle anti frizz product that really does it every time.

4. Curly hair may still need to be parted and combed. I part my hair and brush through it after I shower and then put gel in before I dry it with the diffuser. 

There, I feel much better. I love the curls. I just wish other people would love the curls too. 



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  1. hi there! have you read Curly Girl? it’s all about… curly hair. 🙂

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