it’s official

It’s official. I have the sickness of a lifetime. Or at least of a student teaching time. It’s the cold that won’t go away. It started with a scratchy throat. Then a runny nose. I literally blow my nose at the end of every subject at school. And now I have the sore throat of a lifetime along with a dry cough that leaves me wanting to cry.

But it’s okay. I’m making it. Who needs a voice? Cause I sure don’t have one. I am currently out of town for my friend’s bachelorette weekend. Last night we painted pottery and it was a blast! Today we are doing all sorts of fun things! Even though I’m sick I told myself that I still want to have a fun time. It was odd because yesterday I thought about how this is training for life, for possibly living by myself and getting sick or even for living half way across the world as a missionary. I got a bad bug in India and was miserable for a while but I learned to lean on God’s goodness and strength instead of my own.

Hanging in here……

– Julie


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