to do list

I like to write lists. At school I use a steno pad to keep track of what I need to do. Some days I just want to write silly lists like this:

1. While I am sick, instead of moping pretend that I am fabulously rich and that I get to lie around the house EVERY day and watch daytime television.

2. Ponder the hard questions in life such as “If a tree falls in the woods without no one around does it make a sound?”

3. Dance around the house while folding laundry.

4. Tell people that my antibiotics are actually anti-aggression pills and start growling as I say I need to take one real bad.

5. Pretend that I am a character in a Jane Austen novel and talk in a British accent all day using words such as amiable, accomplished, rawther, constitution.

6. While drinking yet another glass of water or juice to get rid of this sickness pretend that I am really on the beach in a lounger sipping a pina colada (non-alcoholic for me).

7. Take a really long shower or bath and then pamper myself like I am at the spa.

8. When my mother says that I look pale remind her that 200 years ago it was actually a good sign to be pale – it meant that you did not work because you were filthy rich.

9.  Keep making lists to avoid the reality of going back to school tomorrow while not completely healthy.



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2 responses to “to do list

  1. Have you heard of Listography? It started as a book, but there’s a website now, too. It’s lots of fun, and a bit easier somehow than journaling. 😉 Check it out!

  2. Julie

    ooh I will definitely have to check that out! thanks!

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