Oh spring. I can feel spring and summer coming.

Yesterday one of my dear friends from school got married. Remember that hopeful post in which I said I was at the bachelorette weekend feeling awful but that I was going to persevere? Yeah I failed. I felt so awful that Saturday that I came home early. A trip to the doctor’s office on Monday revealed that I had an Upper Respiratory Infection. Yuck.

So yesterday as I drove to the wedding, I was so happy. I was feeling much better and instead of the rain I drove through the weekend before the skies were blue and sunny. I mean, I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed a beautiful day so much. I got to the wedding town a bit early so I decided to drive around. It was gorgeous. Lush green fields and quaint downtown areas all with a backdrop of blue skies and white wispy clouds.

It was a perfect day for a wedding. The church was lovely and it was probably one of the best ceremonies I have been to. Everything was just so “them”, meaning it represented the couple perfectly. And I cried. I didn’t think I would cry but I did. Tears of joy of course.

The reception was at a big, white house. Hor’deurves and drinks were served outside by the house until the happy couple arrived. Then we had dinner in a big white tent outside. Absolutely breathtaking. The sun was setting, the air was just the right crisp temperature. We ate, laughed, and danced the night away.

I loved it. As I drove home today I was wiped as all get out but also joyous. I praised the Lord for his beautiful creations of friends and beautiful skies! It also hit me that in 33 days I will be graduating from college. Wooooaaaah. I know it’s coming up but I mean really now? It’s still a foreign concept in my mind.

And so here I am trying to clean my room so that I can get some much needed work done so that I can graduate. 🙂 The sun is setting outside my window where I can see my dogwood tree starting to bloom. It doesn’t hurt that Spring Break starts in two days either!


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