the loveliness of life

* Last week’s trip to the beach was amazing. I felt like I was on vacation. Not just like I was off of school but like I truly was away on a vacation where I didn’t have to worry about anything. Vacation has a good feeling to me, the air smells better, the days are full of more sunshine and the time is all a gift.

* While at the beach I discovered some great bookstores and got a ton of children’s books for dirt cheap – yeah!!!!

* I also rode on a motorcycle. I know. That’s not typically me. I usually am not a motorcycle kind of girl, though I did ride on one in India. I think it was that vacation air. It aroused a free spirited, wild, go with the flow kind of girl that is often unseen. It was fun. I held on for dear life and prayed as we rode but it was fun. Really fun. Freeing fun.

* I felt the sand in between my toes. For like 1 minute. Then I got cold and put my shoes back on.

* This week has been good. Unfortunately my throat has been scratchy all day and is now starting to hurt some. And I just finished that antibiotic yesterday. The illnesses keep coming. 😦 Go away sickness!

* I’m officially addicted to American Idol. I officially have gotten my parents addicted to American Idol. Last night was girl’s night/accountability time and I didn’t get home till about 9. When I walked in the door the parents were sitting there watching the end of American Idol. They watched the entire show without me there to make them! It was a proud moment to see that I have raised them so well.

* My feelings on who is good on American Idol vary. I really like just about everyone who is left. Well except for Lil. I’m not a big Lil fan. Everyone else in my humble opinion is wonderful! I love them all. I don’t want them to leave. I’m SO glad that the judges saved Matt tonight. I think he’s incredible. I would buy his CD if he had one. I secretly want him to be the underdog who rises up to show the rest up. That would make me incredibly happy. But Anoop is good too. And he’s Indian. I really like Indian people. And Kris is great. So is Danny. My best friend is in love with Danny. The other day when we were at the drugstore she saw a guy in the parking lot and told me that he looked exactly like Danny. It was funny. And of course Adam is amazing. He’s beyond wonderful. My dad likes him best. I still like Matt. Ohhh I don’t know who to like the most. I’m such a teacher.

* I really should go to bed now. It’s late. I’m tired. Goodnight.


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  1. Lauren

    I love AI too! I’m pulling for Kris and Adam. I don’t like Danny. At all. He’s not that good. Lil will go home soon and I think, sadly, Anoop will go home soon too. Oh, I also love Matt. Yay for judge’s save!!

    Dinner maybe Monday or Tuesday next week?

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