Here it goes folks. Another rediculous list.

1. Today I got three flowers from my kids. All pink and from an azalea bush outside near the playground. It was so sweet. Made me smile. I put them on my desk. Well until they were all gone and I decided I’d rather not have pollen all over my desk.

2. At the end of the day if we have had a great day I play the song “Breaking Free” from High School Musical. The kids love it. They dance. They sing. Sometimes I dance with them. They think that’s the funniest.

3. Tonight I went to Borders. I shouldn’t have gone. I knew from my e-mail that they were having a CD/DVD sale. I told myself I was just going to browse, to do something fun. I came out with two CDs. Ooops. But they were 50% off. That’s a big deal. I got Ella Fitzgerald Love Songs and some Irish Music. Random but good. Ella is good. Mellow, relaxing, classic. Love me some Ella. And the Irish Music? Well Rooms is in Ireland and I’m jealous. So I bought an Irish CD. Maybe if I play it and close my eyes, it’ll be like I’m there with her. Maybe. But probably not.

4. My brother is getting married in exactly one month. I can’t wait!!!

5. I wanted to buy a CD that was titled something like “Indian Love Songs”. Hah! That would have been a good one!

6. Allergies are irritating. I think mine just started kicking in today. Boo.

7. My dog is so cute. I love her. She greets me and wags her tail when I get home.

8. American Idol is very addicting this year. I like so many of them. It was sad when Anoop left but I’m ok with it. My Dad was really sad. He is so into it. He has me to blame for that.

9. Have I mentioned the second graders are the cutest?


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  1. piratesinnc

    Aw, Rooms!!! Miss you here! 🙂

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