I had the time of my life!

It’s something unpredictable, but in the end is right.

I hope you had the time of your life.

– Green Day

That song echoes through my mind as I am blown away by how quickly time goes by. In 4 days I am graduating from college! And the title of this post is true: I had the time of my life. As I look back on the past four years I can’t help but see how blessed I have been.

I thought back on that today as my friend Chelsey and I talked on the phone. Chelsey was one of the very first people I met at school. I had a retreat for my scholarship program right after I moved in to my dorm. I got on a bus not knowing anyone and just wishing that I could go back to my dorm room.

I remember sitting on that bus and having one great fear: that I would sit alone and stare out the window. I really did not want to begin the journey of college without a friend.

Then came Chelsey. She walked up to my row and asked if she could sit next to me. I said yes and the conversation began. We both talked and realized that we actually had a lot in common – namely the fact that we both love Jesus. After that a great friendship began. This girl is amazing. We’ve shared some fun classes, trips, and late night craziness involving tunnel painting. As the years went on, our friendship grew and I got to see more and more of this godly girl and her heart for the Lord.

Last semester Chelsey and I had Tuesday night time. Every Tuesday one of us would cook dinner and then we would sit around talking for hours. Literally for hours. We talked about boys and school and our hopes and laughed like middle schoolers at times. The dinners may not have always been gourmet but the friendship was high class. I will always cherish those Tuesday nights.

So today, Chelsey and I are talking about graduation and how excited we are. We started reminiscing about that day on the bus. Chelsey made a comment that at the time she thought that I was this really cool girl who such a world traveler. Hah! I laughed and then shared how incredibly nervous I was on that day. The conversation continued and drifted to God’s provision. We both feel that God really provided great, godly friends for us in college. People to share life with not only during the college years but for a long time.

I mean, yeah the classes were sometimes exciting and the football games were cool too but really the best part of college for me was the people. People who cared, people who I laughed with, cried with, stayed up way too late with. Friends that encouraged me on. All of my favorite college moments include people.

So tonight, I’m thankful for the people that made the last four years so fabulous! Because of them, I had the time of my life!


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